5 Awesome Instagram Features for Marketing Experts

5 Awesome Instagram Features for Marketing Experts

We all know Instagram has a stunning visual nature. And taking this into consideration, brands and marketers have started using it to showcase their products or services. But do you know there are countless Instagram features that can take your Instagram journey to the next level? Yes, and to help you better understand these features, we have compiled some of the best ones on Instagram here. Whether you are a brand looking to showcase your products or a marketer who is looking for the best possible ways to market on Instagram.

Here is a quick tip. Make use of every feature that Instagram provides. For example, leverage Instagram Reels if your brand wants to go viral. Else if you want to increase user engagement, you can use Instagram Stories. You can also buy instagram story views to enhance your engagement with customers. Likewise, there are countless opportunities to explore on this platform. Therefore, get started by knowing about the most to least popular Instagram features in the article below.

5 Awesome Instagram Features That Marketing Experts Can Leverage

Instagram is a social network that was built around photos and videos, but now it is one of the most potent marketing tools. So, without a doubt, it is an excellent platform to attain all your brand goals. But what if we say you can spice it up more with these excellent Instagram features mentioned below?

1. Instagram Stories

One of the most used and highly liked features of Instagram is Stories. It is said that almost every user on Instagram has employed this feature at least once. Whether they are using it for professional or leisure purposes, this feature has been great. Because stories appear in the form of slideshows, which will disappear after 24 hours of posting.

Making it the best feature for making announcements, posting boomerangs, include stickers to interact with your followers. In fact, this feature helps a marketer in telecast their product or service creatively and gain followers. Alternatively, you can also opt for options like EarnViews to achieve the same but in a more instant way.

2. Instagram Reels

If you are a marketer on Instagram, using Reels is no longer an option but essential. Because most people started experimenting with Instagram right after this feature got launched. Also, it is straightforward to create Reels videos on Instagram. This feature can be used to post short videos along with sounds, captions, hashtags, voiceovers, etc.

As a marketer, you can use this feature to get more reach and gain impressions than standard formats. You can also buy instagram impressions to make this process effortless on Instagram. But anyways, if you want to grab the attention of Gen Zers mainly, then Reels are a great option to try.

3. Instagram Live

From creators to marketers, everyone counts on this feature called Instagram Live. Live sessions can also be saved for audiences who missed attending your Live. This feature lets you communicate with your followers directly, resolve their queries, make connections, make announcements, collaborate with another user, and more. Instagram Live is more like an open stadium to interact with your customers. It enhances their trust and loyalty towards the brand you are working for.

4. Instagram Ads

Instagram ads will help you reach all your marketing goals. For example, let us say your end goal is to increase brand awareness among users on Instagram. With Instagram Paid ads, this process is more straightforward and more effective. Here is how. Through Instagram ads, you can display a brand’s ad to potential people who are more likely to be interested in your brand.

Also, by doing this, you will enhance your brand reach and gain many followers. Targeting customers can be based on age, gender, location, user activity, history of interactions, and many more. Therefore, start with lesser investment and increase it gradually towards the success of your previous campaigns.

5. Instagram Analytics

To optimize your performance on Instagram, you need to track specific metrics. So, Instagram provides you with an inbuilt tool called Instagram analytics. This feature will provide you with data to improve your performance on Instagram. With this data, you will know what is working and what’s not.

Summing It Up

Instagram is the best channel to attract users, convert them into potential customers, and take them through your journey. You will need this tool to achieve all your marketing goals as a marketer. Starting from anything small, like interacting with your customer, to big desires, like collaborating with your favorite brands. On the other hand, you can also leverage other Instagram features like hashtags, bio, Instagram creator studio, geotags, stickers, filters, and many more. Lastly, be updated with all the features Instagram introduces because the platform is known for its round-the-clock updates.